Are you ready to learn a new skill?

What would your life look like, if you figured out a way to earn the amount

of money you get in your paycheck, in one hour?

Wages make you a living, investing in yourself makes you wealth.



The best education in Forex and Cryptocurrency for the most affordable price.


Learning on the go, any time,  you can fit little lessons in a few times a day.

Any where

This home study program can be accessed by cell phone, laptop, desktop.

Self Development

Our team believes that working on our skill is important, but working on ourselves is the core of our virtues.

Emerging Technology

We have proprietary software, our strategies and communication are top of the line.


Our check list to success, our live on-line training, our group events, and corporate leadership are best I have ever seen,


Hi Babes, Thank you for stopping by the Lounge, I host events everyday, I would love to talk with you, share with you the joy I am experiencing in learning and sharing the skills to make profits.

CEO: Christopher Terry

When joining Golden Thread Trading, we welcome you into our Learning Lounge and get you in the right mindset to learn something new.

With over 25 years of Trading Forex, Christopher Terry is a pioneer in educating the average person to succeed in Trading Forex.

                           Eric Garrison and Rodney Middleton

Learning and Earning 6 figures is something that these guys are doing and teaching our team to learn.

Our family is growing and we'd love to welcome you into our team and help you achieve your dreams too.

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Michelle Mckeon, IBO


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